Art and Travel. The Early Settlement and the Forum at Pompeii .

Artist, Roman Architecture

Watercolor journey with the course Roman Architecture by the Yale University.

I continue the stay-at-home travel Art + Roman Architecture + the city of Rome with Yale’s course Roman Architecture

C. 4-2

One of the main pieces of Ancient Roman public architecture in Pompeii was the Forum on the main square. Here citizens were gathering to run business, gossips, and it was the urban centre of life.

On my painting is the main part of the financial district, the antique downtown of a well-preserved ancient city… The view of the colonnade with Doric columns built around the Forum with bases tht supported statues. The Forum was uncovered and opened to the sky. The columns made out of limestone are similar to the Roman’s Theatre of Marcellus with the Greek orders, Doric, Iconic and Corinthian.

The Temple of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva was the central temple in Pompeii, sometimes called the Temple of the Capitoline Triad with spaces for statues of the Capitoline Triad- Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The whole temple was surrounded by a colonnade with Ionic columns; this left the strongest impression on me during my travels to Italy.

Why were parts of the columns are cut off? After the earthquake of 63BC and the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 BC while the ash and lava covered the Forum, columns and buildings came down and the materials washed away or were taken away- now it is an unknown mystery. Who knows the actual reasons? 😉

It is here that you can feel the atmosphere of those years and understand that life is eternal…

All roads lead to Rome- Alain de Lille

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.

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Painting – Forum at Pompeii, Roman Architecture

Year of construction 2 century BC

Address: Forum, Pompeii

Tools used for my painting Watercolour Alizarium and raw siena Cotman, Derwent, Albert Durer and Faber Castell watercolour pencils. Paper watercolour Acquarello watercolour album. Fabriano, grana grossa rouch album, 22×30 cm (9 ×12 in.)

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