Watermelon and straw hat

Watercolour impressionist fantasy

Would you like to add some calming and relaxing look to your room? At any time of year you might feel the midday relaxed atmosphere of a southern Mediterranean city. This painting will accommodate your needs.

Juicy pieces of watermelon in a straw basket and on a plate. I added a chair with hanging a straw hat with flowers on a porch-way entwined with flowers. A still life painting reminds us about sunny, warm weather and relaxing weekends. Original watercolour and ink impressionism painting, size 18″x 12″

Floral modern home decor. This print makes the perfect gift for the summer and Europe’s lovers. Now available in 3 sizes. Fine art print of original watercolour painting. Ultra smooth,non-glare,heavy weight paper for long lasting and professional paper, smudge resistant, water resistant, fade resistant.frame is not included


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