Flowers and Paris. Adding colour to this autumn. Part 6.

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Urban sketching and Still life. Travel and Art

Paris is simply an amazing place for artists and photographs, especially in spring, summer and early autumn, when all the splendor of countless flower beds and shrubs is wrapped in luxurious blossoms of amazing flowers.

The way Parisians buy them in many stores and Sunday markets, sell and grow at home is worth of imitation:) 

I bought viola tricolor, one of my favorite flowers, and did the paintings in this post in our Parisian hotel’s room. Did you know that in Roman mythology, the ancient gods turned men into violas, who secretly spied on the bathing goddess of love – Venus?:)

Parisians often spend leisure time, sitting down on benches with a bottle of water, a baguette, a book or just a cigarette to take a little breath, relax after a working day or bask in the sun, going to market and flower stories and bringing these little beauties in their rooms to continue receive a feeling of being in touch with the wonderful:) 

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

My favourite art store in Toronto is DeSerred, address is 130 Spadina ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tools used for my painting. Watercolour brands Van Gogh and Cotman. Paper Canson Mix Media album 28×35 cm (11×14 in.) and Canson Watercolour album 25×35 cm (11 x15 in.)

You can visit my personal website pages here and find out more about the artwork I am offering in oil and watercolor paintings; purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more artwork.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.


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