Tools for a simple way of adding the “character” to an artwork frame.

Art workshops

Recently I discovered that creating your own design for an artwork frame at home, depending on the style of the interior and painting, is great and fun. Besides, nobody knows about your painting better than the author:)

Watermelon and violet grapes in summer with a city and sea view as background.

My painting is meant to be adding some calming look to a room. At any time of year you might feel the midday relaxed atmosphere of a southern Mediterranean city. There are juicy pieces of watermelon on a table with violet grapes in a glass. From a window and a balcony you might see a southern European town somewhere in Italy with red roofs and blue sea in the background.

Painting a frame for a specific interior style is a really interesting creative process;) A stylishly designed frame for a picture can emphasize the interior design, provided that the colors and shades are correctly selected, which can also be traced in the design of the room.

There are some steps to create a unique frame that will be part of your original art and I will share many tips for artists using my experience. More fun is coming in my future posts:) If you would like to learn, please join my monthly art lessons’ club subscription.

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All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission


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