Summer flowers, its magic and beauty. Pink peonies. Part 1.


Still life and urban sketching. Art and travel

Do you like flowers? All different kinds or one specific type? Do you like your flowers bright or tender? With or without smell? Proud Queen-like flowers like roses or the humble but beautiful daisies?

This summer I took a new painting watercolor graphics course called Flowers. Before this, still life and flowers in particular were not my usual subject for painting and drawing. These studies smashed many of my previous ideas about my favorite subjects, what I like to paint and what I don’t. In this course, I was trying to paint and draw different flowers and use new techniques for my new joyful studies. I will share my discoveries in combined bright flower posts.

Three pink peonies in a garden, watercolor and ink painted.

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.

You can visit my personal website pages here and find out more about the artwork I am offering in oil and watercolor paintings; purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more artwork.

Tools used for my painting Watercolour used Charvin and Van Gogh brands, Pastel GrayPas Expressionist, Derwent watercolour pencils and Faber Castell artist pens. Paper Strathmore Watercolour and Mixed Media albums, 15×20 cm (6×8 in.)

My favorite art store in Toronto Deserres, Spadina Ave


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