Art and Travel. Concrete Transforms a Mountain at Palestrina.

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Watercolor journey with the course Roman Architecture by the Yale University.

I continue the stay-at-home travel Art + Roman Architecture + the city of Rome with Yale’s course Roman Architecture

Concrete Transforms a Mountain at Palestrina. 3-5

The massive site spans a mountainside spans a mountainside, built with Roman cement and remains a rare example of an intact pagan temple complex. Developing in Roman architecture later in Trajan Forum in the 2nd century AD would not possible without experimentation in concrete that took place in Palestrina, UNESCO city. There are remains of the hemicycles with very attractive of opus incertum work and embracing arms of the Barberini Palace, theatre staircase leading into it a kind of a pyramid with the goddess at the apex.

My painting is about the ancient Entertainment district with amazing complex of Sanctuary of Fortuna, the ancient market and shops, a theatre, a shopping mall, a Mecca for Romans of its day, on this hillside. Strolling past the hill with lots of terraces, with the remains of shops, you can imagine fashion lovers who went shopping, and then they could go to the theatre there. In combination with the nature on the hill, the view is fascinating and beautiful…I added blue sky colour and clean lemon yellow to my watercolour painting. The temple was dedicated to Goddess Isis and Fortune. The architecture of this monument symbolizes both of them because Isis is the loyalty, and Fortune brings good luckJ I think this is why this amazing complex has survived, and multiplied and pleased, as people remember and worhsip this unique place.

Another revolutionary discovery for the city as UNESCO World Heritage Sites that Roman architects were able to achieve for the building was their solution for the terrace on the hill. They made the upper part of the capitol columns with an angle that made it possible for the higher level of the columns to stand at the top of the lower level. Roman architects went further than Greek and Etruscan architects; they abandoned the traditional architecture and had the willingness to change things. Concrete architecture experiments prove once again they can have a lasting impact on the architecture

All roads lead to Rome- Alain de Lille

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.

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Year of construction 2nd century BC

Painting- Palestrina, Roman Architecture

Address: Via Colle Pastino 20, 00036, Palestrina Italy

Tools used for my painting Watercolour Cotman terra de siena and viridian Corman, Charvin bleu royal, Derwent, Albert Durer and Faber Castell watercolour pencils. Paper Van Gogh, National gallery   watercolour album, 22×30 cm (9 ×12 in.)


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