Lemons, tea, aromas and Italy. Still life and Urban sketching. Part 5.


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Yellow, sour, fragrant … In tea with sugar it is pleasant … it is full of vitamins … And its name is LEMON!
Perhaps each of us, both an adult and a child, knows this bright, yellow citrus fruit…

It was in Italy, travelling with my family around Italian “boot” from top to toe, several years ago. The painting was done in a south of Italy, one of its charming little towns.

One of our next stop was a town in the north of Italy, “top of boot”. Lemon trees were everywhere on the Borromean islands in Italy. The background are mountaints, part of south of Switzeland.

Lemons were HUGE and their aroma are everywhere in the air. I still remember the heavy yellow fruit in my hand…

Shall we have a tea with lemon now?…

According to a legend, the aromatic fruits of the color of the sun were presented to Hera’s wedding when she married Zeus so that the newlywed was always young and beautiful: “Its aroma amuses the mind, the peel and grains are good for the heart, the flesh is excellent food, and the juice quenches thirst.

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Tools used for my painting. Watercolour brands Van Gogh and Cotman.Derwent watercolour pencils. Paper Canson Mix Media album 28×35 cm (11×14 in.) and Canson Watercolour album 25×35 cm (11 x15 in.)

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.