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Watercolor journey with the course Roman Architecture by the Yale University.

I continue the stay-at-home travel Art + Roman Architecture + the city of Rome with Yale’s course Roman Architecture Introduction. Roman Tombs, Aqueducts, and the lasting impact of Roman Architecture. 1-5

The ancient Supermarket Trajan’s Market (Mercati di Traiano) was a large complex of bazaar with series of shops. The Trajan Forum was the dream place for any fashion and shopping lovers. This was the first supermarket, all subsequent supermarkets in Rome and around the world built in the same way. The Forum of Trajan has characteristics of ancient Roman street design, beautiful and magic architecture, frozen music in stone.

Our family visited the Grand Canyon several years ago and my impression of this natural, earth-made architecture with its rocks, relief mountains reminds me of Roman architecture with its ancient buildings’ rounded windows, beams, doors, ribbed ceilings and columns. Roman architects definitely took their ideas from nature and reflected in Trajan’s design, the architectural genius arose from previous architectural revolutionary innovations.

All roads lead to Rome- Alain de Lille

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

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Painting- Rome, Markets of Trajan, Roman Architecture

Year of construction- 113 AD

Address: Via Quattro Novembre, 94, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Tools used for my painting Watercolor Cotman sap green and mauve +Van Gogh siena paint), Derwent, Albert Durer and Faber Castell watercolour pencils. Paper Acquarello watercolor Fabriano grana grossa rouch album, 22×30 cm (9 ×12 in.)

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