Travel and Art based on Inktober 31 days=31 drawings fun challenge. Day 26 – Connect

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The next Inktober prompt is Connect.

I did some kind of surrealistic and impressionist ink drawing for prompt CONNECTion in between past, current and future worlds. The painting shows an imaginary door with floral plume of daisy petals that leads into another world, a parallel reality of times past. A curious mind will always find a path, a door, a way to explore others worlds.

How was it to live in previous centuries? And what will our future look like? And where is that DOOR that lets us peek into the other realities? These are among many questions one could ask in a question of finding interesting answers. 

“The most beautiful things we can experience is the mysterious” Albert Einstein.

A link to my original painting is below.

And I am ready for tomorrow’s Inktober prompt – Spark.

Here is the official site with 2021 prompts and rules

Bon voyage! Stay healthy.

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