Travel and Art based on Inktober 31 days=31 drawings fun challenge. Day 13 -Roof

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Next Inktober prompt is Roof. For this prompt I have some ideas, thank you to my husband’s photos of many places we visited:) I will add a link to his site.

Firstly, it is the Roof of beautiful Milan’s Cathedral with its graceful spiers and pointed turrets that are directed into the sky, and slightly pinkish marble walls are decorated with many sculptural images. Secondly, an ink drawing of extraordinary roofs in Provence, south of France. The warm and cozy brown, orange and yellowish shades of roofs with background of the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea are one of my coming art project:) Another option, the “roof” of yellow and red colours leaves’ trees in any Ontario places in Canada. The trees’ brushes are like ceillings for roads when you drive or walk. This nature “roof” looks the same in Canada and in my motherland Belarus or any place in Earth. And next idea brings me to the “decision” for this prompt that includes both Roof and Autumn, 2 in 1!:)

For the prompt Roof I am doing an ink drawing of lovely roofs of the pastoral town Rottenburg ob der Tauber in Germany we stayed once in the fall. Here, you can enjoy viewing of the little houses’ roofs with background of golden trees’ leaves that nature itself painted land in the Northen Bavaria. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the place …its like you are in an alternative universe or you have gone back in time:)

This is the site with images belong to and can be purchased from Vlad Vitsenkou

And I am ready for tomorrow’s Inktober prompt – Pick

Here is the official site with 2021 prompts and rules

Bon voyage! Stay healthy.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.

You can visit my personal website pages here and find out more about the artwork I am offering in oil and watercolor paintings; purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more artwork.

My favourite art store in Toronto Deserres, Spadina Ave


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