Lovely gifts from one of my students and another successful art workshop watercolor session Summer Daisies

Art workshops

Beautiful 🌸 gifts from one of my talented art students.

I am so grateful to have such incredible students curious about exploring – and making – their own art with me and helping me learn more in the process with them.

thank you to all of you who inspire me to continue making and sharing and teaching art❤️


My Talented students at Art session with their master pieces Rome

Art workshops

So proud of the team:) Wine and paint night with team of 4 intelligent and creative people.

We are using watercolour paints Cotman cadmium red and cadmium red pale paints as combination, for green colour we used Cotman Sap green and Van Gogh Hoocker’s green deep, paper album Fabriano Acquarello cold pressed 300 g/m2.

Technique was advanced, glazing with 3 layers. I am so proud of these master pieces! Will continue to create workshops, already have several ideas.

Welcome to my Club!:)

Stay safe and healthy