Travel and Art based on Inktober 31 days=31 drawings fun challenge. Day 30 – Slither

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The next Inktober prompt is Slither.

For Inktober prompt Slitcher I did an ink drawing of ice skaters. This joy that you experience from sliding … fast and not very … Lightness, smiles!Beautiful lighting, music  and a huge amount of endorphins – hormones of happiness – are released into your body and you are full of optimism and joy:)

How long have you been skating? Last winter? Or many years ago, as a child? Cutting through the air, rushing on skates is fun that charges us with positive and makes us feel so fast and light:)

I am looking forward for skating here, in Toronto this winter!:)

And I am ready for tomorrow’s Inktober prompt – Risk.

Here is the official site with 2021 prompts and rules

Bon voyage! Stay healthy.

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5 reasons to visit Paris’ Luxembourg park in summer, or the top things to do in Luxemburg garden. Part 5


Travel and art. Urban sketching.

In the centre of Paris there is Luxembourg garden that contains over a hundred statues, monuments, and fountains, it is one of the largest green spaces in the center of Paris. In addition, you might read about Luxembourg gardens in the memoir “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway.

It was originally owned by the duke of Luxembourg, then purchased by Marie Medici, the wife of King Henry IV. The Queen requested that the garden should be in Italian style. The Jardin du Luxembourg features several noteworthy fountains. Fontaine Medici is the most famous romantic Baroque fountain.

Fontaine Médicis. It is located at the end of a small pond at the north east side of the park. A central sculpture group shows the Greek mythological figure of Polyphemus who observes the lovers Acis and Galatea. It is flanked by allegorical figures depicting the rivers Seine and Rhône.

The central niche is occupied by a marble group depicting Acis and Galathea lying under a rock at the top of which appears the colossal bronze figure of Polyphemus preparing to throw at his rival the stone that is to give him death. Galatea, in Greek mythology, a nereid who was loved by the Cyclops. Galatea, however, loved the youth Acis. When Cyclops discovered Acis and Galatea together, he crushed Acis to death with a boulder.

Above is a composition of three sketches. Left side is two men in office suites are spending their lunchtime, behind them the statue of Sainte Geneviève, she is the patron saint of Paris in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Right side is a man jogging in the park, behind statues from Greek mythology. In the middle a tourist is enjoying statue of Marie Stuart, the French Queen. Surrounding the central green space are twenty figures of French queens and famous women standing on pedestals.

The statue L’acteur Grec. The actor, wearing a mask on his forehead, repeats his role by reciting his text written on a parchment.

Relaxing in the park during lunchtime, people are reading books, handing together, listening to the music, lots of students. This is also one of the parks where you can simply get hold of one of the many chairs and take it to the exact spot where you want to sit next to elegant statues around the park.

The park is popular with chess players and petanque players. I did some sketches on location.

In the middle of the park is a large octagonal pond Grand Bassin. Jardin du Luxembourg boasts many attractions such as pony rides, a large playground. Around the pond are nice lawns, paths, and some of Paris’s most beautiful flower beds. There’s also a tennis court, a music pavilion and an orangery in the park.

Next, just 15 min walking from Luxembourg garden might visit very famous restaurant La Coupole. It was one of my teen’s dreams to visit this famous place. Certain scenes were carried out at the legendary restaurant La Coupole with Sophie Marceau and Denise Grey, actress who played her grand-grand-mother. The Art Deco style, the massive counter and the chic brasserie spirit of the places is still in place.

La Coupole brasserie, it is one of the famous one and exist from 1927. On wall, you might see photos of their famous visitors Édith Piaf, Leger, Zadkine and others celebrities

I recommend trying some house specialities. And yes, I asked staff where is the table in the movie “La Boum” actresses were sitting; it was just next to our table 🙂

The painting was done during one of cozy pleasant summer evening in Paris’ bridge Alexander III with its chic street lumps. The gold, relaxing colours of evening’s sunset sky invited me to add some imaginary air balloons for my art.

Well, why I invite you to one of my favourite places in Paris? There are 5 reasons to visit the Luxembourg gardens: enjoying over a hundred sculptures in a free open air museum, read a book on a chair in any space you might choose to put it, jogging in the centre of Paris, enjoy French cuisine in any nearby cafe or have a snack with your colleagues or friends during your lunchtime and do urban sketching of local architecture and other many things…

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:)

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.

You might visit my personal website pages and find out more about the artwork I am offering in oil and watercolor paintings; purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more artwork.

Tools used for my painting Watercolour used Charvin and Van Gogh brands, Pastel GrayPas Expressionist, Derwent watercolour pencils and Faber Castell artist pens. Paper Strathmore Watercolour and Mixed Media albums, 15×20 cm (6×8 in.)

Luxemburg Gardens. Address Rue de Medicis | Rue de Vaugirard Paris

La Coupole brasserie. address 102, boulevard fr Montparnasse, Paris