Frames for Art. Creating #goodmood paintings

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Some tips for making an original frame for art.

Recently there are some questions came from my colleagues artists. How you are presenting your art to the clients, with or without frame? Adding a matt to a watercolor painting or not? Are you buying a frame before presenting it to a client? Standard inexpensive or hand made from a baguette store? At Target, frames are often less than $25. But custom framing is a lot pricier. Frame is always an architectural feature plus preserving an art and integrating it into a design of room. There many questions about framing and artists are looking for the best solution in every situation.

I am going to share my experience of modernization of a standard frame for art, completely immersing in this interesting and creative activity. Well.. various techniques and secrets can be used to update the frame. Which ones? Let’s find out together, thanks to which the process of painting a picture frame at home will be contunuing creativity process.

Please share your experience in comments. Let’s exchange 🙂

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Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

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