Flowers above water. Still Life and urban sketching. Welcome Spring

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I definitely smell Spring in Air:) It is coming. How about you? I will lead you to several places around the world, just in this post. We will start with the city of Arles in France, then our next journey ‘s stop will be near Victoria in Canada and then a little town Eze near Monaco with some artworks completed in different time of year. Spring is almost here!:)

According to one of the ancient legends, the gods gave people a sunflower so that the sun never left them. After all, sunflower petals are always facing the sun, in any weather, even on the most foggy and rainy day. It is no coincidence that the sunflower has become a symbol of the sun, joy and optimism, as well as loyalty and dignity.

Visiting beautiful flowering town Arles in Provance, I did painting Sunflower bouquet in a vase, in Van Gogh style. The glass with artists brushes adding more atmosphere of the artist’s studio.

There are many interesting places with flowers in some uncommon landscapes. My painting is about the beautiful tulips that stand above the Pacific ocean’s cliff on Vancouver island.

The flower’s name is derived from the Persian word “turban”, and all the different colors of tulips have their own meaning, for example, red tulips are associated with true love.

For me personally, tulips symbolize the beginning of spring, and everything associated with it- fresh start, freedom, and pure joy in the air!

How about cactuses above Mediterrenean sea slong with beautiful women statues?

#VanGogn paper The National Gallery watercolour paper album, highly recommend it:)
To see more of my art, see link in bio.

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.


You can visit my personal website pages here and find out more about the artwork I am offering in oil and watercolor paintings; purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more artwork.

My favourite art store in Toronto is DeSerred, address is 130 Spadina ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tools used for my painting. Watercolour brands Van Gogh and Cotman. Paper Canson Mix Media album 28×35 cm (11×14 in.) and Canson Watercolour album 25×35 cm (11 x15 in.)


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My Talented students at Art session with their master pieces. So proud of the team:)



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