Dewy morning blue eyes. Irises

Beautiful summer irises of juicy plum, blueberry and peach colors, long stems of mustard colors with background of corn and turmeric colors, little red ladybugs with dripping raindrops are on leaves of colour of green apples are painted in an impressionism style watercolor floral fantasy for your enjoyment, size 20 x 15cm,7″x5″, $75

#goodmood paintings

Floral modern home decor. This print makes the perfect gift for the summer and Europe’s lovers. Now available in 3 sizes. Fine art print of original watercolour painting. Ultra smooth,non-glare,heavy weight paper for long lasting and professional paper, smudge resistant, water resistant, fade resistant.frame is not included. You might order Fine art print of original watercolour painting. 13″ x 19″ print, matte paper- $25, 8.5″ x 11″ for $20 glossy paper or Art card , matter paper for $5


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