Magic of female floral wreaths

Original watercolour painting

In the worldview of the ancient Belarusian, the wreath was a solar symbol. The form of the wreath has a magical meaning: it was perceived as a fusion of perfection and unity in the image of a circle, a ring. According to the ideas of our ancestors, the wreath symbolized the eternal return of plant life, the fruiting of the earth, the feminine principle, the secret of life and the secret of death. The belief of all Slavs in the magical power of the wreath has found its expression in the variety of its types: wedding, ritual, calendar, funeral and others. They were used in almost all the important parts of life: in wedding and funeral rituals, for the birth of a child, on Christmas time, Kupala, the Trinity – as amulets, or lucky charms, from all troubles.


The wreath has just moved away from the shore, overgrown with faintly green, wilting grass – this is the beginning of a possibly long journey, but a start has been made and ahead is a bright reflection of the sun with a better, brighter future.
15″ x 11″, 40 x 30 cm. Price included original wooden frame painted as part of the art painting.

Floral modern home decor. This print makes the perfect gift for the summer and Europe’s lovers. Now available in 3 sizes. Fine art print of original watercolour painting. Ultra smooth,non-glare,heavy weight paper for long lasting and professional paper, smudge resistant, water resistant, fade resistant. frame for print is not included

You might order Fine art print of original watercolour painting. 13″ x 19″ print, matte paper- $25, 8.5″ x 11″ for $20 glossy paper or Art card , matter paper for $5


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