Why it is important to tell a story with your artworks? Tips for artists

Art workshops

Another productive path is adding a story to your artwork. Painting Peonies as an example

Telling a story with your artwork is invitation for a dialogue with a viewer, asking some questions might help to describe feelings or mood. There are seven emotional expressions universal to people over the words – happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, contempt. Which one you would like to receive from a spectator?

Example of painting that telling a happy story🙂

Do you like reading and flowers? Would you like to add some fresh and relaxing look to your room? This painting Red peony will accommodate your needs. Imagine a peaceful comfy evening, a cap of warm cappuccino as a friendly hug, adding fluffy peonies to your room and do not forget your favorite book. Voilà 🙂

A series of images are often indicating your moments in a story, or by choosing a personal moment to stand for the whole narrative. Narrative art works often demonstrate well-known or historical, sometimes mythic tales or your imaginary story 🙂


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