The visionary path to paintings

Art workshops

For my artist colleagues and students. Workshops. Innovative approach to describe artwork. Trademark:)

How do you describe and prepare paints for your artworks? For example if you need a bright or light yellow colour, a brand, a particular paint? I usually do test paints from my selected colors before painting . All artists would agree that watercolors from different brands with the same names for paints give us various colour’s views. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish and choose a paint even with the same name

For example, PWC watercolor yellow ochre and Winsor yellow ochre paints look differently. Paint of yellow ochre you would describe as something in between from yellow to brown, opaque and raw sienna is mostly yellowish brown, transparent. At the same time, using yellow ochre or raw sienna, they might look very similar for a viewer, who does not care about a name of paint and a brand. They need emotion.

And if you describe a bright yellow color in your artwork as a juicy banana – it would give a clue and bring a memory about a ripe fruit that brings you to summer and you might feel energized. So I created my own cool way to describe colors with names from nature and food, berries, veggies and fruits colors TM 🙂

I pick paint from my watercolour collection of paints and choose the name of one of my favourite berries or fruit, depending on the season and time of year. Some examples of artworks from my recent series of Iris flowers.

… juicy plum, blueberry and peach colors, long stems of mustard colors with background of corn and turmeric colors, little red ladybugs with dripping raindrops are on leaves of colour of green apples …

… of juicy banana, strawberry and blueberry, long stems of colors of cappuccino and kiwi with vanilla background  of ripe corn, little red ladybug with dripping raindrops are on milky leaves

Are you feeling the taste and smell of juicy bananas?:)


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