Flowers and France. Urban sketching and Still life. Travel and Art

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Do you like flowers and their smell? Then your next vacation should be in France, my favorite country:) Flowers are part of life everywhere, in cities, you probably won’t find houses that are not decorated with rose bushes and clematis that make a hedge.

And between the cities, endless blooming fields stretch, which not only delight the eye, but also generate income, since flowers are used in the production of essential oils.

Impressionist painting of orchid, the delicate and exotic at the same time.

An integral part of the French cultural heritage, these gardens are open to the public throughout the country. All year round, they are ready to share their secrets, especially during moments of exceptional events.

Watercolour painting of unopened bud orchid

If you like castles in France, you will find lots of gardens and parks. One of my favorite is Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a small private palace of the 17th century, located not far from Paris. Popular for its sophisticated architecture and large surrounding park.

The gardens and parks were in perfect harmony with the architectural complexes from which they were laid out. Spacious alleys were lined with flowering flower beds

…and of course irises. Did you know that the depiction of a lily on heraldry in pre-revolutionary France is actually a stylised image of a yellow iris?

For France, irises are not only beautiful flowers that are a symbol, they are also an industry. France is famous throughout the world for its perfumes and eau de parfum, and it is in them that iris essential oil is actively used to create aromatic compositions.

Bon voyage! Until the next travel:) Stay healthy.

All paintings belong to the author. No image is to be copied without permission.


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Tools used for my painting. Watercolour brands Van Gogh and Cotman. Paper Canson Mix Media album 28×35 cm (11×14 in.) and Canson Watercolour album 25×35 cm (11 x15 in.)


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